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Understanding Amazon’s Algorithms and Ranking Factors

Algorithms and Ranking Factors

Amazon is one of the best online marketplaces in 2024. It provides small businesses and sellers with incredible sales and business growth opportunities. However, it is also quite competitive. 


Thus, if you want to make sales, then it is important to make sure your products rank high on Amazon searches. In this article, we’ll explore everything about Amazon’s algorithm, from the latest version to tips on how to rank higher. So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

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Understanding Amazon’s Search Algorithm 


Amazon’s search algorithm is a search engine built within the platform. This algorithm determines the rankings of your products and how high they will appear in user searches. It also increases your chances of making a sale (with high rankings, you gain more visibility).  


Amazon A9 Algorithm


Before 2021, Amazon’s search algorithm was called A9. This version of the algorithm used to rank products is quite similar to Google’s search manner. However, the key difference was one vital criterion: sale volume. The A9 algorithm ranked sellers mainly based on their sales volume. 


Amazon A10 Algorithm 


The Amazon A10 algorithm is the latest version of the Amazon algorithm. It is more complex than A9 and ranks products based on a variety of different factors. 


With the A10 algorithm, sellers need to optimize listings, use SEO practices, and increase the visibility of their products in order to rank high. Although more complex, it is, in fact, more beneficial to the sellers, especially those who have just entered the marketplace. 



Before we go further, let’s understand the main differences between Amazon and Google searches. 


Amazon search and Google search are quite similar. Google is a search engine that allows users to find anything they want; Amazon’s engine helps users find the products they want. So, the key difference between these two is the search intent. 


When it comes to ranking on Amazon and Google Search, the algorithms of these two take different factors into consideration. Google focuses on long-tail keywords, the website’s backlink profile, and loading speed. Also, it takes into account engagement rates, relevancy of information, and timeliness. 

Meanwhile, Amazon algorithms consider the seller’s credibility, reviews, sales volumes, SEO optimization of the product titles and descriptions, and conversions.


Factors Affect Your Rankings


What Factors Affect Your Rankings on Amazon? 


As far as we are clear on the difference between Amazon and Google Search, as well as the latest update of Amazon’s search algorithms, it is time to look at the main factors that affect your rankings. 




Conversion rates are still an important factor that the algorithm considers when ranking products from different sellers. So, ensure your product pages are compelling enough to convert viewers into buyers. 


Sales Performance


The A10 algorithm takes into consideration everything from sales history to current performance. Also, it considers the number of organic sales made without PPC advertising. In fact, the new algorithm does not prioritize products that are being advertised. 


So, if you want to appear higher in searches with this new algorithm, then set a good SEO strategy in place. 


Relevancy of Keywords 


Amazon displays products based on users’ search intents. These search intents are keywords you want to make sure are used within your product titles and descriptions. 


Well-optimized product details will help your products appear in relevant search results, increasing your chances of making a sale. 




Positive reviews are extremely important if you want to make sales. It is all about your authority and credibility as a seller. So, building long-term customer relationships and providing quality for increased trust is a must for Amazon.  


Inventory Availability 


Another vital factor A10 considers when ranking products is the availability of stock. Amazon prioritizes its reputation and makes sure that it prioritizes sellers who can efficiently meet demand. So, you must always have enough supply. 


Product Pricing


Check out your competitor’s listings and products to understand their pricing strategy. Pay especially close attention to the ones ranked on top. Pricing is another important factor in increasing sales, as users always look for the best deals. The more sales you make, the higher you will appear on searches. So, make sure you have a good pricing strategy for your Amazon store.


Tips to Rank High


Tips to Rank High on Amazon 


As you can see, Amazon algorithms consider various factors when ranking your products. So, if you want to rank higher in searches, here are some useful tips.  


Improve Your Product Listings 


Improving your product listing’s quality includes writing compelling titles, accurate descriptions, and displaying high-quality imagery. 


You can SEO optimize the product descriptions and titles, as Amazon’s algorithm ranks products based on users’ search intent. Thus, a well-optimized description will improve your chances of ranking higher and appearing on relevant listings. 


However, do not just focus on SEO. Make sure to write compelling product descriptions to catch users’ attention. Yet, maintain accuracy and do not exaggerate. You can take a look at the competitors’ products that rank highest in the searches to understand what tactics they use to do so. 


All of those mentioned above will help you catch users’ attention and increase conversion rates. As you already know, this also affects your product ranking. 


Get More Positive Reviews 


Another very important recommendation for sellers who want to rank higher on Amazon searches is to get more positive reviews. Positive reviews build your credibility as a seller, and the algorithm considers you eligible to be displayed on top. 


Besides algorithm prioritizing your product, positive reviews will help you generate more sales and build trust among your customers. This will contribute to further word-of-mouth marketing. 


So, make sure to encourage customers to leave photo/video reviews of the products they got from your store. 


Incorporate Regular Deals  


One more strategy to increase sales that will directly impact your rankings is to incorporate regular deals and discounts. Amazon is a competitive marketplace, and sellers with the best quality and price ratio get the most out of it. So, while not sacrificing quality, make sure to offer good deals to your customers regularly. 


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40 Pages of Amazon Ultimate listing and Design Templates

Transform Your Amazon Presence: Unlock Sales and Dominate with Our Ultimate Listing and Design Templates!

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40 Pages of Amazon Ultimate listing and Design Templates

Transform Your Amazon Presence: Unlock Sales and Dominate with Our Ultimate Listing and Design Templates!

  • Expert advice and insider tips on creating a perfect Amazon listing​
  • Product Insert Template
  • Product Packaging Template
  • Amazon Posts Template