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Easyshot Targets

Optimizing Ad Spending for Easyshot Targets

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Easyshot Targets, a leading provider of high-quality shooting targets and training accessories, faced a challenge with inefficient ad spending, as it was consuming a substantial 25.8% of their sales revenue. In a strategic effort to streamline their advertising efforts, Easyshot Targets sought to reduce their Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACOS) without compromising sales performance.


Within 6 months Enso transformed this brand and took it from an average net loss of 14.8% to a profitable brand by improving the following key areas:


Reduction of TACOS from 25.8% to 16% with no reduction in sales. We drilled down and reorganized campaigns, and keywords, and successfully managed to get the main listing ranking on the main search term for the niche


Amazon fees were sky-high (over 55% in total), and Enso Brands implemented two improvements that reduced fees by 9.8%:



Accelerating Growth and Profitability for AcupointUSA

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Acupoint is a dynamic e-commerce brand that specializes in wellness products and alternative health solutions. Notably, the company’s revenue is predominantly fueled by one main ASIN, reflecting its high market demand and popularity among customers. However, the brand faces a challenge of overspending on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, resulting in a relatively high PPC to Organic ratio, which warrants optimization efforts. With a focus on growth, AcupointUSA seeks clarity on the most effective growth initiatives to diversify its revenue streams and expand its market presence, thereby solidifying its position as a leading player in the wellness industry.

Total sales for the 12-month period post Enso Brands’ management increased by 24% and profit margins increased by 60% compared to the same period pre-management. Under Enso Brands management, the brand:


Reduction of TACOS from 21% to 14%.


Units Sold. Sales for the leading ASIN went from selling 1,000 units a month to 3,000 units a month over the period of a year.


From Zero to 700 Subscribers and 10% Monthly Sales Surge

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Burlybands (burlybands.com) operates in a competitive market with a range of low-priced items, posing challenges in running profitable ad campaigns. Despite securing excellent organic positioning, the brand faced difficulties in elevating customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and achieving overall sales growth.

Enso Brands took this brand from zero to over 700 subscribers, thus increasing monthly sales by over 10%.

Month 6/21 9/21 12/21 3/22 6/22 9/22 12/22
# of Subscribers 0 190 370 500 560 630 670
Quarterly Growth 100% 95% 35% 12% 13% 6%