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The Future of Voice Commerce on Amazon

The Future of Voice Commerce

Building a successful eCommerce business involves keeping up with market trends and constantly adjusting strategies to meet customer demand. Currently, voice commerce is on the rise. 


In this article, we will explore voice commerce’s future prospects on Amazon, its benefits, and how to optimize your Amazon Store for voice commerce. So, if you are ready, let’s dive into it. 

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What is Voice Commerce? 


Voice Commerce is the usage of voice recognition technologies/voice assistants, such as Alexa, to purchase products and services online. 


The customer journey with voice commerce is not just the mere act of making a purchase. Voice commerce is engagement with voice assistants to find more information about the product, interaction to find more relevant products and other forms of interaction with voice recognition technologies. 


Voice Commerce on Amazon 


The question of the day, however, remains about Amazon Voice Commerce. Is it worth the investment? The short answer is yes. A longer answer supported by statistics is also yes. According to statistics, in 2024, the number of actively used voice assistants will reach 8.4 billion units. 


Moreover, according to Voicebot, 51% of users research products using voice assistants, 36% use voice assistants to add products to their lists, and 22% of users make voice purchases. These numbers are already big, but they are forecasted to grow even more. So, do not miss this opportunity and offer voice commerce experience for your customers. 


How can Customers Shop with Alexa on Amazon? 


Alexa is one of the dominant voice assistants that customers use for voice purchases. So, let’s briefly overview two main ways in which customers can shop on Amazon using Alexa. 


In-Skill Purchases 


The first way is In-skill Purchases. This option is relevant for users who have developed their Alexa Skill and plan to sell services/goods within it. It works a lot like in-app purchases (additional purchases for extra functionality within the app). You can build an Alexa Skill that allows users to shop and add items to their cards. 


Amazon Echo 


Another option that is far less time-consuming and easier to use is – a Prime-eligible product purchase. Essentially, it is through the use of Amazon Echo. However, this option is available only to Prime members. So, to offer a voice commerce experience to the customers, make your products prime-eligible. The brain behind Amazon Echo is Alexa. Amazon Echo can be activated by voice commands such as “Computer,” “Echo,” or “Amazon”. 


Besides activating these commands, Amazon Echo will be automated when customers search for any products with queries such as “buy tissues,” “best gaming keyboards,” or “add X item to my shopping card.” However, to be able to use Amazon Echo, customers must have set up their Amazon Prime account and have valid billing information.


Benefits of Voice Commerce


Benefits of Voice Commerce 


Voice commerce comes in handy with lots of benefits. So, let’s briefly overview these. 


Ease and Speed


One of the most enjoyable benefits of voice commerce is its ease and speed. Customers can use voice assistants to find products they need in a few seconds. Also, they can easily add the products to the card and make a purchase without even touching the screen. 


Expands Your Horizons 


With voice assistants gaining more popularity among customers who want to make quick purchases, you can certainly benefit from these and expand your audience reach. Most millennials and younger generations are already used to using voice assistants and use these more frequently to make purchases or research product details. 


So, you can easily reach more customers by enabling voice commerce purchases from your Amazon Store


Relatively New 


Even though voice commerce is gaining popularity, voice purchases are still relatively new. This means that you have the perfect opportunity to adopt the technology and offer your Amazon buyers a V-Commerce shopping experience. It will help you be one of the early adopters and stay ahead of your competition. 


How to Optimize Your Amazon Store for Voice Commerce? 


Well, it is time to dive into the practical section of this article. Here, we will explore strategies and tips on how to optimize your Amazon Store for Voice Commerce. 


Join Amazon’s Choice Program 


The number one thing you can do is to join Amazon’s Choice Program. There are no specific instructions on how to become Amazon’s Choice for your products, but it will help you get recommended by voice assistants when customers search for products. 



Optimizing your listings is extremely important. However, there is a difference between optimizing the listing for textual and voice search. After all, conversational tone oftentimes can differ. It can be useful to consult an Amazon SEO Agency that will help you optimize your products not just for textual search but also for voice search. 


Create Alexa Skills for Your E-commerce Store


To get dedicated voice commerce features for Amazon, create an Alexa skill. First, you should create an Amazon Developer account to build your Alexa skills. Set up the interaction model and submit it for revision. 


Improve Product Availability and Shipping Speed 


The key to leveraging voice commerce on Amazon is to ensure your products get recommended by Amazon, whether it be appearing on op results via text or voice search. 


To optimize this process, you must provide high-quality service and increase customer satisfaction rates. So, improve product availability by always ensuring you have enough stock to meet the demand and avoid stockouts. Also, work on improving shopping speed, as it is yet another factor affecting which products get recommended more frequently. 


Start Optimizing Your Store for Voice Commerce 


If you are looking for ways to optimize your store for voice commerce, then you are in the right place. Enso Brands is a full-service Amazon agency that will help you expand your brand’s reach and maximize revenue. 


We offer high-performing strategies to optimize every aspect of your business, including its optimization for voice commerce. Our services range from strategy development and implementation to results tracking and account management. 

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