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Selling on Amazon Handmade: A Guide for Artisans

Selling on Amazon Handmade

Recently, handmade items started gaining more and more popularity. If you are an artist who loves creating unique handmade products, then Amazon Handmade is the perfect opportunity for you to turn a hobby into a growing income source. 


In this article, we will explore everything regarding Amazon Handmade, from what it is to how to get started. So, if you are ready, let’s start!  

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What is Amazon Handmade? 


Amazon Handmade is an artisan community on Amazon that allows artists and crafters to sell their handmade goods. Seller accounts on Amazon Handmade differ from regular seller accounts as the business model is also different. 


Amazon Sellers on Amazon Handmade are allowed to sell only handmade items or items that are in some way hand-altered. Mass-produced items can not be sold on the platform. 


It is worth mentioning that Amazon Handmade has a flat fee of 15% per sale. Also, the sales funds are unavailable until the order is shipped to the customer. 


Benefits of Amazon Handmade 


Before diving into the practical section of this guide, let’s briefly overview the main benefits of Amazon Handmade. 


Massive Reach 


The number one benefit you are gaining is a vast reach. Amazon is a renowned online marketplace that has over 3 billion monthly visitors. With a good optimization strategy, you will definitely find your niche customers. 


Essentially, selling on Amazon Handmade automatically helps you increase the visibility and reach of your brand while enjoying the good reputation of the marketplace. 


Customization Options


Becoming a seller on Amazon equips you with a variety of benefits, including customization options. You can create a unique storefront that will display the essence of your brand. Simply, focus on the exclusivity of your handcrafted items and tell the story behind each item. 


Easy Order Fulfillment  


As an Amazon Handmade Seller, you can join the Amazon FBA program. Amazon FBA takes care of inventory management and order fulfillment instead of you, which saves lots of time and effort while allowing you to deliver items faster. 


How to Start Selling on Amazon Handmade? 


Getting started on Amazon Handmade is quite easy. 


Step #1 Sign Up on Amazon 


To get started with Amazon Handmade, you first need to sign up for the platform. The application form is available here. However, keep in mind that you cannot sell in the Handmade category if you are an individual seller. To sell in the Amazon Handmade, you must create a professional seller account, which costs $39,99/mo. 


When you start filling out the application, answer all the questions accurately. Pay close attention to describing what types of products you are selling, the production process, and the work involved in creating the items. 


Also, make sure to add a few images of the products, then submit the form. After submission, you only need to wait for a few weeks until your Handmade account gets approved. 


Step #2 List Your Offerings 


When your account is approved, it is time to list your offerings. 


First, navigate to the Seller Central account, then click on “Inventory”. Afterward, tap the “Add a Product” button and select “Create a New Product Listing.” Finally, choose a product category – handmade, and start filling in the details such as titles, descriptions and add product photos. 


Step #3 Start Promoting Your Products 


When everything is set, it is time to start promoting your products. Because Amazon is a competitive marketplace, you should consider dedicating an ad budget to promote your products. 


Amazon currently offers a few advertising options: Sponsored Products and Display Ads. Sponsored Products works relatively simple. After setting up the ad, your product will appear in the sponsored products category when customers search for the selected keywords. 


Display Ads, on the other hand, are a more effective way of advertising. You can display these anywhere on Amazon, including competitors’ product pages.


Tips & Tricks for Selling


Tips & Tricks for Amazon Handmade 


If you decide to sell on Amazon Handmade, then let’s briefly overview a few tips and tricks that will help you increase sales volume. 


Optimize Your Listings 


Optimize your listings to rank higher on Amazon searches and drive more organic traffic into your store. 


First, find relevant keywords to incorporate into the product titles and descriptions. You can conduct keyword research using tools such as Ahrefs or Semrush. Make sure to conduct competitor research to find more relevant keywords. 


Also, do not forget about back-end search term optimization to enhance the discoverability of your listings even further. 


Write Creative Descriptions 


When it comes to product descriptions, be creative. Creative copy is one of the best ways to stand out among the rest. Because you are selling handmade goods, you have more opportunities to add uniqueness to the product description. 


For instance, if you are selling handmade earrings made of natural stone, make sure to describe the meaning behind the peace. First, you can dive into the earrings’ symbolism, then expand on the individual meaning and symbolism of the materials used. 


For example, “Rose Quartz is a symbol of love. These oval-shaped minimalistic earrings made of this magical stone can help to attract love into one’s life.” The description above sounds more captivating than just writing, “Earrings with rose quartz, oval-shaped with a diagonal X mm.”


Use Good Visuals 


Finally, if you want to increase sales, pay close attention to the product visuals. High-quality product photos will improve your chances of making a sale, as these are visually pleasing to the viewer. 


A few tips when it comes to visuals are: 


1) Take high-resolution pictures.  


2) Avoid messy backgrounds so that the main focus of the photo is your item. 


3) Make sure the pictures are vibrant and not dull. 


4) Take close-up pictures to showcase all the details of the product. 


Grow Your Store on Amazon Handmade 


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