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Unlock Amazon Success with Our Comprehensive Launch Checklist! From product research and listing optimization to PPC campaigns and review strategies, our step-by-step checklist ensures you don’t miss a beat when launching your products on Amazon. Maximize visibility, boost sales, and lay the foundation for long-term growth with our expert guidance. Launch with confidence and conquer the Amazon marketplace with ease!
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Amazon Standard Operating Procedures

Discover the Power of Amazon Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)! Streamline your operations, ensure consistency, and optimize efficiency on the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Our SOPs provide clear and actionable guidelines, making it easy for your team to navigate Amazon’s complexities and achieve peak performance. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a smoother, more profitable Amazon journey.

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22 Complementary Amazon Seller Resources for 2024

Navigating the Amazon FBA landscape requires a strategic approach, and utilizing the right tools and resources is crucial for success. In 2024, Amazon sellers have a wide array of options to enhance their business operations. 

Here we categorize 22 essential Amazon seller resources and tools, each tailored to specific aspects of selling on Amazon, from product research to operational efficiency.

Listing Optimization Resources & Tools

1. Jungle Scout Listing Builder

Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder tool, enhanced with AI Assist, aids sellers in creating optimized listings quickly and efficiently. Utilizing keyword banks from Keyword Scout, the tool automates the process of incorporating high-impact keywords into compelling listing copy.

This tool is especially beneficial for sellers who are not experienced copywriters or those looking to save time and money by not hiring a professional copywriter. AI Assist helps ensure listings are optimized for Amazon’s search algorithms, increasing the likelihood of higher visibility and sales.


2. Blend Express

Expanding into international markets is a strategic move for many Amazon FBA sellers. Blend Express specializes in translating product copy and information for various Amazon marketplaces, making it easier to sell in different regions.

With Blend Express, sellers can quickly adapt their product listings for global audiences, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder their ability to reach new customers. This tool is crucial for those looking to grow their Amazon business across multiple marketplaces and cater to a diverse customer base.

Launch Preparation Resources & Tools

3. Manage Your Experiments

Manage Your Experiments is a tool available within Amazon Seller Central for sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry. It enables sellers to create A/B tests for different listing elements, such as A+ Content, bullet points, and product images, to determine which versions perform better.

This tool is a game-changer for optimizing product listings based on real customer interactions. By testing different elements, sellers can refine their listings to maximize visibility and appeal to their target audience.

Standard Operating Procedures

4. Inventory Manager

Part of Jungle Scout’s suite of tools, Inventory Manager helps sellers predict how much inventory their FBA business will need and when to restock. It integrates directly with your Amazon Seller Central account, aiding in the prediction of sales and profits and helping avoid Amazon storage fees.

Inventory Manager is essential for maintaining optimal inventory levels, ensuring you have enough stock to meet demand without incurring excess storage costs. It’s a key tool for efficient inventory management in Amazon FBA.

Product and Price Research Tools

5. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout remains a leader in product and price research tools, offering a comprehensive suite of features for Amazon sellers. From AI tools to product and keyword research, it provides everything you need to make informed decisions and succeed in the competitive Amazon marketplace.


With a high usage rate among Amazon sellers, Jungle Scout’s suite, including the Product Database, Opportunity Finder, and Sales Estimator, is a go-to resource for thorough market analysis and product research.


6. Keepa


Keepa is renowned for its efficiency in tracking historical data on Amazon listings, including Best Sellers Rank, average price, and the number of sellers. This tool places a graph on each product listing page, offering valuable insights into market performance over time.


Keepa is particularly beneficial for product research, helping sellers understand how competing products perform. It is also popular among retail arbitrage and wholesale resellers, as the average Best Sellers Rank (BSR) and price data are crucial when selecting products for resale.


7. CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is a free Amazon price tracker tool utilized by both sellers and consumers. It helps track pricing trends and is a valuable asset for sellers in various categories, including private label, retail arbitrage, and wholesale.


CamelCamelCamel’s strength lies in its ability to provide sellers with a clear view of the competitive landscape, helping them set competitive prices and strategize for product launches. Understanding pricing trends is key to maintaining an edge in the Amazon marketplace, and CamelCamelCamel offers just that.

Sourcing and Importing Resources & Tools

8. Alibaba

Alibaba is often referred to as the Amazon of China but focuses on business-to-business transactions. It’s a prime resource for sourcing products globally, providing direct access to a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers.

Alibaba has been in operation for as long as Amazon and takes great care in vetting each manufacturer listed on its platform. For Amazon sellers looking to source high-quality products from around the world, Alibaba offers a wide array of choices, making it easier to find the right supplier for your Amazon FBA business.


9. Flexport

Flexport simplifies the complex process of importing products, offering assistance with shipping logistics, customs, tariffs, and more. As a logistics company,

Flexport helps Amazon sellers find the best shipping prices and navigate the intricacies of international trade.

Flexport is particularly useful for sellers who have made deals with overseas suppliers and need a reliable partner to manage the logistics of getting products to their destination. By handling the details of importing, Flexport allows sellers to focus more on their core business activities.

Operational Efficiency Resources & Tools

10. Supplier Database

The Supplier Database helps you either start your search for a manufacturer or validate your choice of manufacturer found on Alibaba. This tool provides real import data for suppliers who have shipped to the United States, including the names of their customers, which can be crucial for understanding your competition.

Using the Supplier Database can streamline the process of finding a reliable supplier, giving you insights into who your competitors are sourcing from and ensuring you make informed decisions about your own manufacturing partners.


11. InventoryLab (with Scoutify)

InventoryLab, bundled with the Scoutify sourcing app, is a comprehensive tool for inventory management, listing items on Amazon, and running helpful reports. It’s an essential resource for online resellers looking to gain control of their Amazon business activities and elevate their operations.

InventoryLab simplifies the process of making better sourcing decisions and managing inventory efficiently. With its integrated Scoutify app, sellers can quickly scan products for retail arbitrage, making it an indispensable tool for Amazon FBA sellers.


12. Solutions4Ecommerce

Solutions4Ecommerce offers services to handle various back-end activities for Amazon sellers. From reimbursement case management to inventory age reports, this service helps you manage critical operational tasks efficiently.

By outsourcing monotonous back-end activities to trained professionals, sellers can free up time to focus on more strategic aspects of their Amazon business. Solutions4Ecommerce is ideal for serious sellers looking to scale their operations and improve overall efficiency.

Operational Efficiency Resources & Tools

13. Amazon Advertising Analytics

Advertising Analytics aggregates data from Seller Central and Campaign Manager to help sellers evaluate the success of their PPC campaigns. This tool provides key metrics and data visualizations to analyze advertising profitability at various levels.

Advertising Analytics is crucial for understanding the impact of your Amazon PPC campaigns and making data-driven decisions to optimize your advertising strategy. By leveraging this tool, sellers can refine their marketing efforts and increase ROI.


14. Ahrefs

Amazon Keyword Tool is part of Ahrefs, pulling real search data directly from Amazon. This tool is invaluable for finding high-volume keywords and optimizing your Amazon PPC campaigns.

Using Ahrefs’ Amazon Keyword Tool, sellers can quickly identify the most effective keywords for their products, enabling them to create targeted advertising campaigns that drive traffic and sales. It’s an essential tool for maximizing the impact of your Amazon advertising efforts.

Customer Engagement Tools

15. Manage Your Customer Engagement

Manage Your Customer Engagement, available in Amazon Seller Central for Brand Registry members, allows brands to send image-rich, product-focused emails to Amazon customers.

Use this tool to announce new products, share 7-day deals, and highlight gift guides. Effectively target specific audience segments including repeat, high-spend, recent customers, and brand followers to enhance engagement.


16. Feedback Genius from Seller Labs Pro

Feedback Genius is a service that not only helps protect your feedback score from negative feedback but also helps you get more positive feedback scores. It’s an automated process that is essential for maintaining a great seller feedback score, which influences your time in the buy box.

Sellers can proactively manage their reputation on Amazon, securing a high feedback score that can lead to increased sales and better ranking in search results. Perfect for any seller aiming to maintain a strong presence on Amazon.

Financial Management Resources & Tools

17. TaxJar

TaxJar is an invaluable resource for handling sales tax on Amazon. It offers services for collecting, filing, and paying sales tax, taking the stress out of managing sales tax rules and filing dates across all 50 states.

With TaxJar, sellers can automate their sales tax processes to optimize compliance and accuracy in their financial management. An amazing resource to simplify their sales tax obligations and focus more on growing their business.


18. Basic eSales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet

Perfect for those just starting out, this spreadsheet helps sellers understand their numbers, including ROI and profit margins for each inventory item. You gain a clear picture of your online business’s financial health.

The Basic eSales Bookkeeping Spreadsheet allows sellers to track their financial performance effectively, making it easier to make informed decisions about pricing, sourcing, and inventory management. By understanding your finances, you can optimize your business for maximum profitability.

Training and Education Resources

19. JumpStart Amazon: Build a Successful Amazon FBA Business

This affordable course, created by Brian Connolly, teaches everything you need to know about starting strong and setting up your Amazon business for long-term success. It includes a video course and an ebook, both packed with content to help you create a highly profitable Amazon FBA business.


JumpStart Amazon is an excellent resource for new sellers or those looking to improve their Amazon FBA operations. The course offers practical advice, strategies, and insights from an experienced Amazon seller, helping you navigate the complexities of the Amazon marketplace.


20. The Reseller’s Guide to Sales Rank

Understanding Amazon’s sales rank is crucial for online selling. This course is filled with teachings and illustrations to help you comprehend sales rank and use it to improve your inventory sourcing decisions.


The Reseller’s Guide to Sales Rank” demystifies one of the most complicated aspects of selling on Amazon. By mastering sales rank, sellers can make more informed decisions about their inventory, leading to improved sales and profitability.


21. The Wholesale Formula

This course is specifically designed for Amazon FBA sellers looking to add wholesale sourcing to their business model. It provides detailed guidance on finding and securing profitable wholesale accounts.


The Wholesale Formula” includes three courses in one: a Selling on Amazon course, a Wholesale Formula course, and a How to Outsource Wholesale course. It offers insights and strategies for effectively integrating wholesale into your Amazon business.


22. The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games

This course provides comprehensive training on how to profit from selling board games online, whether on eBay or Amazon. It includes a PDF ebook and video modules to guide you through the process of finding and selling profitable board games.


The Reseller’s Guide to Board Games” shares secrets and strategies for succeeding in this niche market. It’s a valuable resource for sellers looking to diversify their product offerings and explore new opportunities within the online selling space.

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