A Humble Beginning

Our story is quite different. In 2016 we knew basically nothing about selling on Amazon or eCommerce in general. We started with very few resources and poured our hearts and souls into the business. Though it was an uphill battle, we slowly and steadily gained traction and built our first solid brand on Amazon

We've Been In Your Shoes

As we gained experience and traction, we decided not to go down the easy path of just exiting our FBA brand, but rather we built a team of experts and decided to acquire more brands. Boy, it’s been quite a ride! We gained unbelievable experience over the many years of operating multiple brands, and now we are on to the next phase – Helping other FBA brand owners scale effectively and efficiently without breaking the bank. 




Creating opportunities and inspiring small business owners for a more successful future


Being honest and transparent in business practices with employees and clients. Treating people with respect and offering quality products for consumers


Sharing knowledge to educate employees, clients, public and other aggregators to improve the eCommerce industry for all


Understanding failure is part of growth, and learning from mistakes is a pathway to success


Seeing success as a gift, we take pride in offering what we have to others Cyclicality is a cornerstone to our philosophy

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