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A Complete Guide on Amazon Reputation and Review Management

Reputation and Review Management

Did you know that more than 90% of Amazon users read reviews before making a purchase? In fact, reviews are quite an important factor based on which customers make purchasing decisions. 


Making sure your Amazon store and products have good reviews will greatly improve your reputation and sales volume. In this article, we’ll cover everything from how reviews help you make sales to how to encourage positive reviews and deal with negative ones. So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

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Why Do You Need Reputation Management on Amazon? 


First of all, let’s understand why you need Amazon reputation management. Brand reputation management is a strategic process that involves many steps. 


In the eCommerce industry, customer satisfaction and experience are the key elements of business success. Positive customer experience will lead to satisfaction, which will eventually result in a good brand reputation. 


If you ever made a purchase on Amazon, consider your own behavior. Don’t you go to product reviews to check whether or not it is actually a good product? Well, if you do so and you find bad reviews outweigh good ones, will you get the product? In fact, no, as you want to pay for the best quality. It may also result in you restraining yourself from purchasing any other product from that particular seller. 


This is just another piece of evidence of the importance of brand reputation.


Common Challenges


Common Reputation Management Challenges 


When it comes to reputation management it can be quite challenging. Most businesses face issues such as: 


1) Difficulty motivating clients to write a review. Amazon restricted sellers from asking for reviews from buyers by offering gifts and other rewards. Now, it is increasingly difficult to make sure that every customer will leave a review. One of the best ways to ensure you’ll secure a positive review is by making sure your product is of exceptional quality. 


2) Bad reviews. Another common challenge is bad reviews. When you have negative reviews on your product, of course, it will affect sales of that product. But, in some cases, it might also affect sales from your brand in general. If a customer had a very negative experience with the product from your brand, and the issue gained “awareness,” then your whole brand may suffer. 


3) Fake reviews. These are easily distinguished by overly short length, poor grammar, or by sounding like an ad for another product. Besides creating a wrong impression, bad reviews can affect your rankings on Amazon and even result in account suspension


One more challenge is the internet. While positive reviews tend to create a good brand reputation, they do not usually blow up. However, a negative one can blow up overnight, causing lots of trouble. This does not happen in every scenario, yet it is important to be cautious and aware. 


How to Encourage Positive Reviews and Create a Good Reputation? 


It is time to overview tactics with which you can encourage more positive reviews for your products to create a better reputation for your business. 


Ensure Good Customer Experience 


One of the best ways to encourage positive reviews is to ensure a high-quality customer experience. If your customers have questions regarding the product or else, make sure to provide excellent service. 


Good customer support can help you quite a lot when it comes to reputation management. First of all, your brand will be associated with positive experiences. Secondly, in case of emergencies (late orders, lost orders), you will be able to reassure the customer to retain loyalty and be patient while you are working to fix the issue. 


Finally, if your customers have a good customer experience, they will be more encouraged to write a review and share it with others. 


Fulfill Orders on Time


One of the reasons Amazon is so popular is fast delivery. So, make sure you fulfill your order as soon as possible. But never give false expectations to your clients. If your order runs late from the mentioned date, it will cause negative associations with your brand. 


So, mention the likely estimate of days when customers can expect to receive the order and make sure to fulfill it on time. Late orders are a common reason for negative reviews, while fast deliveries are quite the opposite. 


Sell High-Quality Products 


The best way to ensure you will get positive reviews is to sell high-quality products. Customers expect to get the best quality, and when their expectations match the reality, they are more motivated to leave a positive review.


Use the “Request a Review” Button More Often 


Amazon recently added a new “Request a review” button, which is an excellent tool for sellers to remind customers about writing reviews. 


If you want to request a review, then navigate to your Seller Central account. Afterward, visit the “orders” tab, then “manage orders.” Finally, choose the “shipped” tab and pick an “order number.” Then, simply click on “Request a Review”. 


Improve the Quality of Your Listings 


Another tested way to improve your brand reputation on Amazon is to create high-quality listings. Make sure your product titles and descriptions are accurate and SEO-optimized. Use quality photos to add to the images section. 


A high-quality listing will help you rank higher on Amazon searches, which will also allow for more visibility. Plus, it is worth mentioning that top-ranking sellers not only get more sales but also enjoy more trust and credibility among consumers. 


These simple tactics will help you handle Amazon review management and reputation management with ease.


What to Do with Negative Reviews


What to Do with Negative Reviews? 


With more sales, you will get more reviews. While every seller wants positive ones, negative reviews are also unavoidable. So, here is a strategy for efficiently addressing such a problem. 


When you are dealing with a negative review, the first step you must take is to contact your client. Make sure you have a strategy on how to turn their negative experience into a positive one. 


For instance, if your customer is dealing with late delivery and is angry about that fact, you can send an apology email and 20% off for the next purchase. You can also offer free delivery for the next order, or you can return delivery funds for this order. There are many ways to fix the issue and turn a negative experience into a positive one. 


Similarly, you can fix other negative experiences, such as receiving a broken product or a product with the wrong color. Reach out to your customer, offering an exchange and maybe a coupon code, discount, or gift card. Then, ask them to remove the negative review. 


The key is to remain sincere and kind. Your clients may be angry and not respond in the most polite ways. However, as a business owner, you should always maintain professionalism. At the end of the day, in most cases, your kindness and reward will fix the issue.  


Manage Your Amazon Business Reputation with Ease


Business reputation management online can be quite challenging, especially with a growing business. So, if you want to get more positive reviews, then you need to optimize the management of your business to handle every operation with speed and precision. 


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