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Understanding and Utilizing Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution

Using external tools to measure the actual impact on your Amazon Store sales is quite challenging and frequently does not provide the in-depth analytics you need. However, Amazon offers a perfect solution in the face of Amazon Attribution


In this article, we will explore everything regarding Amazon Attribution, from what it is to its main features and benefits. So, if you are ready, let’s dive into it. 

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What is Amazon Attribution? 


Amazon Attribution is an advertising tool that Amazon created. Essentially, it allows sellers to measure the impact of external advertising on performance and sales. However, keep in mind that only brand-registered sellers can use Amazon Attribution.


How Amazon Attribution Works? 


Amazon Attribution provides detailed analytics and insights into external marketing efforts. It lets sellers easily identify the best-performing marketing channels and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. 


You can do three key things with Amazon Attribution: Measure, Optimize, and Strategize. All of these allow you to gather useful data, optimize the campaign for better results, and strategize for the future.


Main Features of Amazon Attribution 


As far as we are clear on what Amazon Attribution is and how it works, let’s look at this tool’s main features. 


1) Full-funnel analytics. Amazon Attribution provides you with full-funnel analytics. Besides conversion data, you will have insights on everything ranging from customer interactions with your products to detailed page views. 


2) Conversion Metrics. You will gain real-time insights regarding campaign performance and conversion metrics. It will help you with optimizing your campaign for the best results faster than ever. 


3) Customer Insights. You will get a detailed overview of how consumers interact with your brand and products. It will help you identify certain behavioral patterns and use them for further campaigns. 


4) Advanced Tracking. Amazon Attribution allows you to create tags and track different marketing channels separately. You can create different tags for each of the channels and get detailed reports regarding the specific channel. 


Benefits of Amazon Attribution 


Using Amazon Attribution will equip you with various benefits, from generating more sales to better ad campaign optimization for the best results. 


Drives More Sales


Amazon Attribution encourages you to use external traffic sources and drive more visibility to your products. With the actionable insights it provides, you can optimize your campaign strategies and increase sales even further. 


Allows You to Identify Best Marketing Channels


With Amazon Attribution, you can create multiple tags for each external channel you use for advertising and campaigns. This allows you to gain comprehensive insights regarding the specific channel and identify the best-performing ones. 


For instance, you can have a tag for FaceBook and LinkedIn. After careful monitoring and revision, you find out that the best-performing channel is FaceBook. Next time, you can invest more resources into FaceBook promotions. 


Helps You Optimize Ad Campaigns 


One of the most important benefits of Amazon attribution is that it allows you to optimize your ad campaigns for the best results. By providing comprehensive insights into every area of your campaign, from conversion rates to specific customer behavioral patterns, you can easily optimize your campaigns to drive higher ROI. 


Importance of External Traffic for Amazon Sellers 


External traffic and advertising off Amazon is crucial for the sellers. External traffic increases brand awareness and allows you to gain better customer insights. Well, let’s briefly overview the reasons and benefits of external traffic to your Amazon Store in more detail. 


Boosts Your Seller Rank 


External traffic will help you boost your seller’s rank on Amazon. 


External traffic increases the visibility of your listings by driving visitors directly to your listing. It results in higher exposure, increased CTR, and improved conversion rates, positively affecting sales velocity. Amazon’s new algorithm takes into consideration sales velocity when ranking the results. Thus, external traffic helps you boost your seller rank on Amazon. 


Reduces Amazon Ad Costs 


By leveraging external traffic, you can reduce Amazon Ad Costs, which are often quite high due to high competition rates. So, with external traffic, you can improve product visibility without utilizing tools such as Amazon Sponsored Ads


Provides Better Customer Insights 


Amazon Attribution gives you useful customer insights that will allow you to learn your customers’ behavioral patterns. For instance, you will be able to identify which products perform best and worst and the possible reasons behind them to further optimize your promotional efforts. 


Increases Brand Awareness 


External traffic is important as it improves your brand awareness. Yes, Amazon is a popular marketplace with millions of users, but missing out on the rest of the internet because of one platform is not the smartest idea. In fact, you should do everything to establish a strong online presence on multiple platforms for your business growth. 


You know how they say, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” So, besides using Amazon Ads, you should also take advantage of external platforms such as social media channels to drive traffic to your store. 


Promoting your product outside of Amazon allows you to improve brand awareness, increase store traffic, and make more sales. 


How to Get Started with Amazon Attribution? 


Finally, let’s move on to the practical section of this guide and take a look at the steps you should take to get started with Amazon Attribution. 


To get started with Amazon Attribution, you need to register for Amazon Ads. You can start matching products to the campaigns when your account is set and approved. For that, create an attribution tag: 


1) Click “Create Campaign”.


2) Choose manual or bulk tag creation.


3) Name your campaign, select the product, and set up details like ad group and publisher (e.g., Facebook, Google Ads).


4) Click “Create”. 


After you create the campaign, Amazon will provide you with an attribution link to help you measure the performance. 


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