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Amazon Product Compliance Requirements: Staying Within Amazon’s Rules

Product Compliance

In order to be able to sell certain products on Amazon, sellers are required to submit certain compliance documents. This way, Amazon ensures that all the products on the marketplace are safe for customers to purchase and use. 


In this article, we will explore everything related to product compliance requirements on Amazon to help you avoid account suspension and continue to grow your business sustainably. So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

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Understanding Amazon Compliance Documents  


Amazon is a marketplace where everyone can find anything they want. It enjoys a good reputation among buyers and sellers and aims to maintain trustworthy relationships with customers further. That is one of the main reasons why product compliance documentation is required for certain product categories. 


Usually, documentation is required for products that must comply with international, state, or federal laws and regulations that aim to ensure safety. 


Types of Compliance Documents on Amazon 


There are different types of compliance documentation sellers can submit on Amazon that range from tracking labels to safety manuals. Well, let’s review the main types: 


1) Safety manuals.


2) Safety Data Sheets.


3) Test reports by accredited laboratories.


4) Certificates: General Certificate of Conformity (GCC), Children’s Products Certificate (CPC).


5) Tracking labels.


6) Registration cards.


7) Compliance markings.


However, keep in mind that even if you upload these when listing your product, Amazon has the right to request additional documentation at any time.


Importance of Amazon Product Compliance 


Amazon product compliance is vital for several reasons, the main one being customer safety regulations. You definitely want to avoid reputation damage for your business in case the customer gets harmed by a product you purchased from your brand. The damage to reputation can be so severe that customers may decide to boycott your brand, which will result in business failure. It can also lead to several lawsuits not only against your company but also against Amazon. 


Another reason why you should make sure your products are compliant with Amazon’s requirements is that it reduces the chances of your account being suspended. Amazon can send you warnings on certain violations, and if you do not take timely action, it will place your account on hold and, in extreme cases, completely delete it. So, make sure to always stay up-to-date with compliance requirements and have compliance documentation for your products. 


The best way to mitigate risks is to upload compliance documentation on time. 


Amazon Product Compliance Requirements 


As mentioned earlier, not every seller needs to upload compliance documents for the products. It highly depends on the types of products you sell and the categories they fall under. So, let’s break down cases in which you need to upload product compliance documentation. 



Due to the fact that the USA has strict regulations when it comes to the usage of certain materials and substances in production, some items naturally require Amazon to ask for compliance documentation for legal purposes. These items include electronics, motor vehicles, and any products for children. 


Restricted Products on Amazon 

Another case in which you’ll have to submit compliance documentation is if you are selling products that fall under Amazon’s restricted items category. Some of the items that fall under this category are supplements, alcohol, precious gems, medical devices, lighting, surveillance equipment, tobacco, and so on.


Manage Your Product Compliance


How to Manage Your Product Compliance? 


It is time to dive into the practical part of this guide. Let’s overview how and where you can manage and upload product compliance documentation. 


First of all, log in to your Seller Central account. Afterward, navigate to the performance menu and click on “Account Health.” In the account health tab, scroll down and find the “Manage Compliance” section. In that section, you may also find compliance requests that must be submitted as soon as possible in order for you to be able to sell the product on Amazon. 


You will also see the option to submit compliance documents and compliance requirements accordingly. This option will allow you to submit compliance documents one by one or in bulk, depending on what you prefer. 


How to Use a Compliance Referral Tool? 


For many sellers, compliance gets confusing, and that is precisely why Amazon offers a compliance referral tool. This tool not only provides sellers with more information regarding compliance requirements and policies but also allows them to connect to the right service providers. Providers will help to fill in the required compliance documentation. 


How to Address Compliance Warnings? 


It can be quite challenging to keep up with all the compliance regulations. However, it is still a must, as in any other case, your account will be affected. When you violate a compliance policy, it will usually show in your Account Health tab in a warning format. 


So, let’s review a scenario where you got a warning regarding your product not meeting compliance requirements. In this case, you do not need to panic, as everything is fine, and you simply must take timely action. The first step is to review the violation and understand which product violates what policy. 


The next step is to gather all the required documentation to address the issue effectively. You can create an appeal letter after you have gathered all the necessary documentation. Also, make sure to submit the documents as soon as possible. It is recommended to take action within the first 48 hours. 


You should regularly check the “Account Health” section to address warnings and avoid account suspension or even permanent elimination. 


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