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Amazon Seller’s Guide: How to Prepare for the Amazon Black Friday Sale 2024

Amazon black friday 2023

Amazon Seller's Guide: How to Prepare for the Amazon Black Friday Sale 2024

Black Friday is a crucial date on every retailer’s calendar. It’s a period of enormous sales, high customer demand, and fierce competition. But success during this busy time isn’t just about having stock to sell. Proper preparation is key.


Here’s a detailed guide to ensure you make the most of Amazon’s Black Friday 2024 sale.

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When Does the Black Friday Sale Start?


Amazon Seller's Guide


Amazon’s Black Friday sale kicks off on November 27, 2024, followed by Cyber Monday on December 2, 2024. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Remember, there will be plenty of deals before and after these dates.



Why Should You Care About the Amazon Black Friday Sale?


Why Care About Amazon Black Friday


Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. For most Amazon sellers, it’s the most profitable day of the year. Here’s why:


1) Buyers Tend to Spend More


People wait all year for Black Friday deals. They expect big discounts and often hold off on making expensive purchases until this event. This excitement makes it a great time for sellers to offload inventory and encourage buyers to spend.


2) It’s a Great Chance to Boost Sales


Every year, Amazon experiences a big increase in user traffic during Black Friday weekend. This surge is a chance for sellers to boost sales. In fact, online sales went up by 2.3% in 2022 during Black Friday. Although this statistic might seem small, keep in mind that this was during the pandemic. In 2023, this percentage is expected to triple.


3) You Can Broaden Your Customer Reach


Black Friday and the following 30-day period is a big deal for lots of sellers since it makes up a big chunk of their yearly sales. The discounts and limited-time deals tempt buyers to shop impulsively due to the fear that they’ll be missing out. It’s also a time when customers are open to trying new products, which means for sellers, this is an opportunity to expand their customer base.


4) It’s the Perfect Time to Move Inventory


Black Friday is an excellent time to sell products at discounted prices that have been sitting on shelves for a little too long and accumulating storage fees. This is great for two reasons: it helps clear out older stock and makes room for new products.


Eligibility Criteria for Black Friday Sales


If you’re keen on getting in on the Black Friday action on Amazon, make sure you meet the following criteria:


– Your product must be eligible for Prime shipping within the respective country.


– You are required to provide a discount of at least 10% off the regular price, excluding any ongoing promotions or discounts for Prime members.


– The discounted price for Prime members should be lower than the lowest observed price of the product (ASIN) within the last 30 days.


– The product you intend to sell should have a rating of at least 3.5 stars or no rating at all.

How Should You Prepare?



Success on Black Friday doesn’t happen by accident; it needs careful planning and execution. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the upcoming 2024 Black Friday sale:


1) Plan and Ship Your Inventory Ahead of Time


If you’ve been in the selling game for a while, you know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just two-day events; sales tend to spike for weeks before and after, making it more like Black November. To avoid missing out on these crucial sales, make sure you have enough stock ready at least 9 weeks before the sale date or by October 26th. Online buyers who are planning to shop during this time already have their favorite products wishlisted, and the last thing you want to do is disappoint them.


If you’re confused as to how much inventory to send to FBA, you can analyze last year’s sales trends and anticipate demand accordingly. Product categories that usually do well during Black Friday include home goods, fashion items, toys, beauty products, and electronics.


2) Optimize Your Product Listings


Properly optimized listings are what will get you noticed. Here’s how you can optimize your listings:


Optimize Your Text


Title: Keep it within 150 to 200 characters, incorporate relevant keywords, and avoid restricted terms.

– Bullet Points: Aim for five bullet points, ensuring each one does not exceed 500 characters. Avoid including sales promotions or exaggerated claims within the bullets. Focus on the facts and include relevant keywords.

– Description: Follow the same guidelines as the bullet points, and make sure your description does not go beyond the 2000 character limit.


Optimize Your Images


– Use Various Types of Images: Include infographics to explain the product, lifestyle images that demonstrate the product in use, and even a 30 to 60-second product video if possible.

– Consider A+ Content: Think about using A+ content instead of regular descriptions. This allows you to reduce text and make your listing more visually appealing.


3) Optimize Your Ad Campaigns


Black Friday is the perfect time to revise and optimize your PPC campaigns. Here are some tips to help you out:


– Focus on High Performers: Direct a larger portion of your budget towards campaigns and keywords that have historically performed well.


– Review Underperformers: If certain keywords are not delivering results, don’t hesitate to replace them. In other words, remove keywords that have a high ACoS and are not generating sales. It’s a waste of ad spend to keep them running.


– Maintain Continuous Presence: Make sure that your ads are running continuously before, during, and after Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Since there significant surge of customers shopping during this period, you’ll want your products to appear at the top of the search results to capture this increased traffic.


Note: When running PPC campaigns, make sure that you have enough budget to handle the increased traffic. Due to so many people shopping online, you’ll probably get more clicks than usual, so you’ll need a bigger budget. If you set your budget too low, you might run out before the sales period ends, meaning you’ll lose out on increased visibility and potential sales.


4) Plan Your Promotions


To make the most of these busy shopping days, it’s important to have attractive discounts or special offers to increase sales. Amazon offers a wide range of promotional options designed for events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday:


7-Day Deals and Lighting Deals


7-day deals are just what they sound like: your product is advertised non-stop for 7 days straight. Lightning deals, on the other hand, are short, 4-hour flash sales.

Both of these options can quickly boost sales and prevent shopping cart abandonment. Keep in mind though, that running them during Black Friday or Cyber Monday week might cost more due to the increased competition.




These are percentage-based discounts that are offered to customers through discount code coupons. They can be customized for certain groups of customers or used site-wide.


Prime Exclusive Discounts


These are special discounts and free gift offers exclusively available to Prime members. It is a great marketing strategy to target loyal customers who tend to shop and spend more.


You can access all these promotional offers by going to your Seller Central account and then clicking on the Advertising tab.


5) Try to Win the Buybox


The Buy Box is the white box on the right side of an Amazon product detail page where customers can directly start the purchase process by adding items to their shopping carts. Around 80% of sales happen through the Buy Box, so securing it is vital.


To boost your chances, make sure you’re a featured FBA seller, offer various shipping options, have sufficient inventory, and maintain good overall performance.





What if I’m a new seller on Amazon? Can I still participate in the Black Friday sale?


Yes, new sellers can participate in the Black Friday sale on Amazon. However, it’s essential to ensure that your product listings meet Amazon’s eligibility criteria, such as having Prime shipping available and offering discounts of at least 10% off the regular price.



What should I do if my inventory runs out during the Black Friday sale?


Quickly restock your products to avoid missing out on potential sales. Also, communicate with customers transparently about any delays in shipping and provide estimated delivery dates.





Black Friday is one of the biggest online shopping events of the year. Millions of people flock to Amazon to grab deals on their favorite products. For online retailers and eCommerce companies, it’s an opportunity to boost online sales, clear out inventory, and attract customers. But to truly take advantage of this event, preparation is key. It’s not just about slashing prices; it’s about implementing the right Black Friday marketing strategies to transform an ordinary sales day into one for the record books.


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