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Does Alt Text Help SEO on Amazon?

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When it comes to optimizing your product listings on Amazon, you may be familiar with various SEO techniques. One aspect that often gets ignored is the use of Alt Text for images. Alt Text, short for alternative text, is a description that you can add to an A+ image, providing textual information about its content. But does it really help with SEO on Amazon?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of Alt Text and its impact on your Amazon SEO efforts.

What Is Alt Text?

adding alt text to an A+ content image

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Alt Text, also known as “Alt Attribute” or “Alt Tags”, is an essential component added to an image’s HTML code. It serves 3 purposes: it provides a written description of the image for visually impaired individuals, helps search engine bots understand the content of the image, and may also be displayed on a website if the image does not load successfully.

When it comes to Amazon, this text is known as “Image Keywords” or “Image Alt Text” and they are not visible to the average customer. So, why bother with it? Well, Amazon’s search algorithm uses this text to rank and index your product. Also, screen reader applications rely on this text to assist visually impaired customers.

Benefits of Alt Text on Amazon and Its Impact on SEO

Benefits of Alt Text for A+ Content Images

Alt Text, when used effectively on Amazon, offers multiple advantages that indirectly improve SEO performance. The following are the key benefits of including this text:

1) Improves User Accessibility

Alt Text plays a crucial role in improving the accessibility and user experience of your product listings on Amazon. When you use descriptive language in your alt attributes, it helps visually impaired users understand the image content through screen readers. This not only improves inclusivity but also aligns with Amazon’s dedication to providing a better user experience.

2) Boosts Conversion Rate

Alt Text can influence the conversion rate of your product listings. When potential customers are browsing through search results, the Alt Text can give them a better understanding of what the product is about, even before clicking on the listing.

Clear and concise Alt Text that accurately describes the image can attract more clicks and potentially lead to higher conversion rates. This, in turn, can have a positive impact on your Amazon SEO efforts by signaling to Amazon that your listing is relevant and engaging to users.

3) Improves Product Visibility

Amazon’s search algorithm considers several factors when deciding how to rank a product such as product relevancy, sales performance, customer engagement, and the keywords used in the listings. To stand out from the competition and appear on the first page, it’s crucial to make the most of all the SEO opportunities available to you, and Alt Text is one of them. Even though this text isn’t visible to the average customer, Amazon indexes it, and it can boost your chances of success.

Amazon Guidelines for Adding Alt Text

When adding Alt Text to your A+ Content images, make sure to follow Amazon’s guidelines:

1) Stay within the 100-character limit.

2) Amazon allows you to include Alt Text for each individual image in A+ Content. When adding keywords to these images, do not repeat the same ones for the same image.

3) Do not include words restricted by Amazon.

Best Practices for Alt Text Optimization

Alt Text Best Practices for A+ Content Images

To maximize the benefits of Alt Text on Amazon, it’s essential to follow some best practices:

1) Apply Alt Text to Every Image

Firstly, make sure to provide Alt Text for all your A+ Content images. Each image file should have a unique and descriptive text that accurately represents its content. Avoid using generic or repetitive text across multiple images, as this can be seen as spammy and may negatively impact your SEO efforts.

2) Keep It Brief and Include Relevant Keywords

When writing Alt Text, make sure to keep it concise but informative. Aim for around 100 characters or less. 

Also, use relevant keywords naturally within the text, but avoid keyword stuffing. Stick to 1-2 keywords per text field and include any important keywords you couldn’t fit into your main A+ Content copy, listing copy, or backend search terms. Try to focus on including long-tail keywords.

3) Regularly Review and Update Your Alt Text

Regularly review and update your Alt Text to reflect any changes or updates to your product images. As your product evolves or new variants are introduced, ensure that the Alt Text remains accurate and up to date. Also, regularly conduct keyword research to stay on top of any performance changes.

4) Avoid Punctuation

You don’t need to include punctuation in your Alt Text. Punctuation takes up character space that could be used more effectively. So, avoid using hyphens, commas, apostrophes, or special characters. Just use a single space between words.

How to Add Alt Text?

You can add Alt Text to A+ Content images. Here’s how to do it:

1) Log in to your Seller Central account and head to A+ Content Manager.

2) Once you’re on the A+ Content Manager page, find the content you want to add Alt Text to.

3) This will open a page showing the modules in that A+ or EBC. For each image, you’ll find an Edit button.

4) Click on the Edit button.

5) In the Image Keywords bar, add the Alt Text, and then click Add.

6) After adding Alt Text to your images, click the Review and Submit button.

7) Wait for at least 24 hours for Amazon to approve your content.

Additional SEO Considerations for Amazon

Amazon SEO Optimization Tips

While Alt Text is a valuable SEO element on Amazon, it’s important to remember that it’s just one piece of the puzzle. To fully optimize your product listings, consider the following factors:

1) Use Keywords Wherever You Can

Instead of limiting keywords only to Alt Text, use them wherever you can, like in your product titles, bullet points, product descriptions, and backend search terms. Using keywords in these areas can greatly improve your Amazon SEO strategy when done effectively.

2) Conduct Proper Keyword Research

Take the time to do keyword research to find the relevant keywords for your product. Use these keywords strategically in your listing, including Alt Text, to improve its visibility in search results. When you match your listing with popular search terms, you boost the odds of potential customers discovering your product.

3) Monitor and Analyze Performance

Continuously monitor and analyze the performance of your product listings on Amazon. Pay attention to metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, and customer reviews. These insights can help you refine and optimize your listings further, ensuring that they remain competitive and relevant.

FAQ Section

Q1: What happens if you leave the Alt Text section empty?

Leaving the Alt Text section empty is not a smart idea. As mentioned earlier, Amazon relies on this text to rank and index your products, and it’s a vital SEO opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. Additionally, it’s important for visually impaired users. If you want customers to have the best shopping experience and hit the “buy now” button, this text is essential.

Q2: Can Alt Text influence search engine rankings outside of Amazon?

While Alt Text is mainly used for Amazon’s internal search algorithm, it can also play a role in how images from Amazon listings are indexed and displayed in external search engines like Google Images.

Q3: Can Alt Text be changed after it’s been added?

Yes, you can update the Alt Text after it’s been added. It’s good practice to review and update your alt text regularly, especially if there are changes to the product or if you’ve found more effective keywords.

Q4: How important is Alt Text compared to other Amazon SEO elements?

Alt Text is an important aspect of Amazon SEO, but it should be part of a broader strategy that includes optimized product titles, descriptions, and reviews. It’s one piece of a larger puzzle.


While Alt Text might seem insignificant at first glance, its impact on SEO is undeniable. By using Alt Text appropriately, sellers on Amazon can boost their product visibility, improve user experience, and potentially increase sales. As eCommerce competition continues to surge, including such small yet effective SEO strategies could make all the difference.

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