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How to Create Virtual Bundles on Amazon: A Step-by-Step Guide for Sellers

If you offer multiple products on your Amazon store that go hand in hand with one another, then why not offer a virtual bundle for your customers? Customers love getting the best product experiences and good deals, so use this opportunity to increase your revenue per sale.
In this article, we’ll explore everything regarding Amazon virtual bundles from what they are to how-to create virtual bundles step-by-step guide. So, if you are ready, let’s start!

Understanding Amazon Virtual Bundles

Amazon Virtual Bundles are curated collections of products that are grouped together based on a specific theme or category. These bundles offer customers the convenience of purchasing multiple related items in a single package, saving them time and effort in searching for individual products. By bundling complementary items, Amazon aims to simplify the purchasing process and enhance customer satisfaction.

How Do Amazon Virtual Bundles Work?

Sellers on Amazon have the ability to create virtual bundles by combining their products into cohesive packages. When customers browse through the Amazon marketplace, they can easily find and purchase these bundles displayed as a single product listing. This streamlines the buying process, as customers can add all the desired items to their cart with just one click.

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To create virtual bundles, sellers must ensure that the included products are complementary and provide value when purchased together. For example, a virtual bundle for camping enthusiasts might include a tent, sleeping bags, and camping cookware. By offering a convenient package deal, sellers can attract customers who are looking for a comprehensive camping setup rather than individual items.

Benefits for Customers

Amazon Virtual Bundles offer several advantages for customers, making their shopping experience more efficient and enjoyable:

1. Convenience and Time-Saving

By grouping related products together, virtual bundles eliminate the need for customers to search for and add individual items to their cart. This saves time and effort, particularly for customers who are looking to purchase multiple items within a specific category.

2. Cost Savings

Virtual bundles often come with a discounted price compared to purchasing each item separately. This provides customers with an opportunity to save money while enjoying a curated selection of products.

3. Discoverability and Inspiration

Virtual bundles expose customers to a wider range of products they might not have considered individually. This can spark inspiration and help customers discover new items that complement their needs or interests.

Benefits for Sellers

Amazon Virtual Bundles also present significant benefits for sellers, empowering them to optimize their product listings and drive sales:

1. Increased Visibility

By creating virtual bundles, sellers can improve their visibility in search results. When customers search for a specific product or theme related to the bundle, these listings have the potential to rank higher and attract more attention.

2. Cross-Promotion

Virtual bundles enable sellers to cross-promote their products. By showcasing a bundle, sellers can introduce customers to their entire product range and increase the likelihood of additional purchases beyond the bundle itself.

3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

When customers find value in a virtual bundle, they are more likely to leave positive reviews and recommend the seller to others. This can significantly enhance a seller’s reputation and credibility on the Amazon platform.


Amazon Virtual Bundle Examples


Let’s also review a few examples of virtual bundles on Amazon that you can sell.


Bath & Body Works Bundle for Men” offers combined body & hair wash, body spray, and body cream. While these products can be purchased separately, this bundle offers more monetary value to the customers and sellers. As a seller, you will generate more revenue per bundle sold than if the customer purchased only one of these products. Customers will get more value as they will save if they purchase the whole bundle instead of coming back over time and purchasing all the items separately.

Bath & Body Works Bundle for Men
Another product bundle example is this kitchen set “Pots and Pans Set”. Works and benefits customers and sellers in the same way as the previously mentioned bundle.
One more bundle example for your inspiration is “Podcast Equipment Bundle, SINWE”.
Podcast Equipment Bundle, SINWE
These are just a few examples of product bundles you can offer across different categories on Amazon. To come up with a high-value and well-performing bundle idea, analyze your product offerings, check out competitors, and create the best “value:price” offerings.


Amazon Virtual Bundles offer a win-win solution for both customers and sellers. Customers benefit from the convenience, cost savings, and discovery of new products, while sellers can leverage virtual bundles to increase visibility, drive sales, and enhance customer satisfaction. By embracing this innovative feature, both customers and sellers can elevate their Amazon experience to new heights. So, the next time you’re shopping on Amazon, keep an eye out for these virtual bundles and discover the countless possibilities they have to offer.


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