Amazon Brand Registry: An Ultimate Guide for Sellers in 2024

Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon is an awesome platform to start and grow your e-commerce store. But, with the increasing competition in the marketplace, it is vital to take some safety measures. 


To avoid issues such as hijacking, broken customer trust, and account status that risk your store’s existence, it is best to take timely measures. That is why many brands are involved in the Amazon Brand Registry program for enhanced brand protection. 

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In this article, we will explore the Amazon Brand Registry, its benefits, and a step-by-step guide on how to get started with it. 


What is Amazon Brand Registry? 


Initially introduced in 2017, Amazon Brand Registry is a program offered by Amazon that allows you to legitimize your brand in the marketplace. It provides lots of useful tools to enhance brand protection and build a trusted brand. 


Why Do You Need to Register Your Brand on Amazon? 


Registering your brand on Amazon will provide you with an additional layer of security. It will allow you to report violations, gain more control over your brand, protect your intellectual property, and take advantage of dedicated support. 


Other useful features that Amazon Brand Registry provides to business owners is A+ content, storefront, sponsored ads, and Amazon Live functionality. All of these features will allow you to interact with your potential clients and drive more traffic and engagement. 


How much does Amazon Brand Registry Cost? 


The best part about the Amazon Brand Registry program is that it is absolutely free of charge. However, some of the tools and services it gives you access to have certain fees. 


Do you need a Registered Trademark?


Do you need a Registered Trademark


If you plan to register your brand on Amazon Brand Registry, you need to have a registered trademark before you can do so. If you have a trademark registered, then proceed with applying for the program. If not, then first apply for trademark registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office


Another option to register a Trademark to enroll in the Brand Registry is to use the IP Accelerator program. Essentially, this program connects sellers with IP law firms and allows you to register a trademark at quite competitive price rates. The trademark registration price can cost you anywhere from $500 up to $1000. 


Benefits of Joining Amazon Brand Registry 


Well, let’s also review the main benefits of joining the Amazon Brand Registry program. 


1) Provides you access to report and search tools. These will allow you to enhance brand management on Amazon. For instance, if another user uses your company’s details, trademark, or content, you can easily find and report them. 


2) Get more ad options. Amazon Brand Registry gives you access to the Sponsored Brands feature. It is an awesome tool to enhance brand awareness and create ads that allow you to appear on top of search results. Use it to create efficient ad campaigns and enhance brand awareness, engagement, and sales. Also, you can be sure that your advertising data is also protected. 


3) Contributes to increased sales and higher conversion rates. With access to ads and tools to manage your brand reputation in the long run, it also results in increased sales of your products. 


4) Protects your listings from other sellers. You will be able to control the way your product information appears and protect it from being changed. Without this feature, you can easily face issues such as deleted pictures and misleading information on your listings, as third-party sellers can alter it. This can greatly harm your brand’s reputation, and there have been many cases in which it did. So, part of the Brand Registry’s purpose is to resolve this issue. 


These are just a few benefits that joining the Amazon Brand Registry will equip you with. There are, in fact, many others that you will discover right after joining the program. 


What Tools Will You Get with Amazon Brand Registry? 


Registering your brand on Amazon will give you access to a variety of awesome tools to grow your business. 


For instance, you will get access to a potent analytics platform. These analytics features will give you better insights into your audience. As every seller knows, audience insights are key to success, and to make a sale, you must know what your customers need and want. So, track which products sell the best and optimize your store and strategy accordingly. 


Besides, the audience insights analytics platform on Amazon will generate a range of useful reports. Whether you need a report on search query performance, catalog performance, or customer behavior, it offers all of it. 


Also, the Amazon Brand Registry will give you access to the A+ content feature. Getting access to A+ content on Amazon will allow you to enhance the display of your product listings. Essentially, you can add additional text, modules, and clarts to create more wholesome product listings. This is a great way to create listings that stand out from the rest. 


Ever wondered how you can connect to your customers better? Well, Amazon did, so they offer live functionality to sellers with registered brands. Amazon Live will allow you to connect with your customers on a whole new level and increase the trust factor toward your brand. 


Finally, Amazon Brand Registry provides you with access to Brand Stores. This is by far the most desired feature by the sellers. It allows you to create a centralized storefront showcasing your products. You will have a variety of customization options, and the storefront will look like a separate website dedicated to your brand. 


Amazon Brand Registry Requirements 


Before getting started you need to know what is required in order to avoid potential denial. In fact, there are just a few, so let’s briefly overview all of them. 


The number one requirement is to have a registered and active trademark. Also, take into account that Amazon accepts trademarks that are issued by the government and located in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Sweden, Poland, Benelux, the European Union, and the United Arab Emirates countries. If your trademark is registered with WIPO or EUIPO, simply select the appropriate options in the application to fill out your trademark. 


The brand name on the application must also match the trademark. If it is in a graphic/image format, then upload the exact copy. Amazon requests to ensure that it matches before actually submitting the application for a review. 


Another requirement is that the seller should be an authorized owner of the brand to be able to enroll it into the Amazon Brand Registry. 


How do you register your brand on the Amazon Brand Registry?


How do you register your brand


At the end of the day, Amazon Brand Registry is a great way to ensure the safety and sustainable growth of your brand on Amazon. But how do you enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry? Well, here are the steps you need to take. 


First of all, check that you meet all the requirements and are eligible for Amazon Brand Registry. When you ensure that all the requirements are met, move on to the next step. 


The next step in this process is to collect documentation for the application. The required documents include a registered trademark number and symbol/image. 


Afterward, visit the Amazon Brand Registry website and start registration. Create an account or sign in to your existing account. This depends on whether or not you already have an Amazon seller account. 


When you are done with all the steps above, simply fill out the application that requires information regarding your trademark and submit it for review.


How Long Amazon Brand Registry Approval Takes? 


Amazon Brand Registry approval can take up to two weeks. However, according to users’ reviews, it takes around 10 days on average. To avoid additional need for a revision just make sure to meet all the requirements before sending it for approval on the first try. 


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40 Pages of Amazon Ultimate listing and Design Templates

Transform Your Amazon Presence: Unlock Sales and Dominate with Our Ultimate Listing and Design Templates!

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40 Pages of Amazon Ultimate listing and Design Templates

Transform Your Amazon Presence: Unlock Sales and Dominate with Our Ultimate Listing and Design Templates!

  • Expert advice and insider tips on creating a perfect Amazon listing​
  • Product Insert Template
  • Product Packaging Template
  • Amazon Posts Template