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Amazon Packaging Requirements: Everything You Need To Know

Packaging Requirements for Amazon: Everything You Need To Know  

A lot of businesses use Amazon FBA. When a seller uses FBA, Amazon handles every step of the selling process. However, before being sent to the fulfillment centers, your products must be packaged properly in order to be accepted. 

In this blog, we will learn everything you need to know about the packaging requirements for Amazon FBA.

Why Is Proper Packaging Important for Amazon FBA?


The following are a few reasons why you need to carefully package your products before sending them to the fulfillment centers:

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1) Amazon May Reject the Delivery


If Amazon notices that the external packaging of your product is damaged, they may refuse or reject the shipment. It is crucial to ensure that products are correctly packaged before shipping in order to prevent this.

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2) Repacking May Be Done by Amazon for a Fee


If items are not packaged properly, Amazon may repackage them. This can imply paying for repacking services. If you want to avoid paying an additional fee, it is crucial to package your items properly.


3) Proper Packaging Ensures Product Protection


To help prevent product damage during shipping, it is crucial to adhere to Amazon’s packaging guidelines. Proper packaging ensures that your products are protected and are shielded from harm during transit. 


4) Proper Packaging Saves Money and Resources


Remember that if you overpack items, you’ll wind up using more resources and money. Because of this, it’s critical to pack your products properly. Any extra leftover money can be set aside for future related expenses.

Packaging Requirements for Amazon FBA

  Amazon has strong warnings in place for individuals that do not follow the guidelines for product packaging. Failure to adhere to these guidelines might cause Amazon to get rid of your inventory and even stop future shipments to its fulfillment facilities. To prevent this from happening, it is crucial that you adhere to the following guidelines:


General Packaging Requirements

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Remember that Amazon warehouses are largely automated, therefore it’s crucial to send items correctly. It is important to make sure that:

  • •  Each product type or unit should have a unique FNSKU, which is Amazon’s barcode. In addition, you can also use manufacturer’s codes  
  •     such as GCID, UPC, EAN, or ISBN.
  • •  Each item should have an exterior barcode that can be scanned and has legible numbers associated with them.
  • •  If you are reusing boxes, cover existing barcodes and shipping labels by using opaque tape or by painting over them with a marker.
  • •  Every item, including book sets with many volumes, should be packaged in discrete, safe packaging.
  • •  Do not bundle multiple boxes together. It’s crucial to choose the proper-sized box for your shipment. If the package is too big, you’ll need 
  •    to pack it tightly enough to prevent collapse when larger boxes are stacked on top of it during shipping.
  • •  Units that are not protected by secure packaging must be bagged or taped shut in a poly bag. In this situation, the bag must be at least  
  •    1.5 mm thick, transparent, and equipped with a barcode. Additionally, the poly bag must not extend past the product’s dimensions by  
  •    more than 3 inches.
  • •  If the product has an expiry date, both the package and the individual item must display the date.
  • •  If loose products are sold together, they must be packaged in the same package. Each loose product should be packed with sturdy 
  •    shipping tape and adequate packaging material and then placed in a corrugated shipping container.
  • •  For sets that come in multiple pieces, make sure that you mark it as “Sold as set” or “Do not separate”.
  • •  For boxed units, it is crucial that the shipping box has six sides, openings, and a lid that is challenging to open by itself and cannot  
  •    collapse under moderate pressure.

Packaging Materials and Boxes That Are Permitted 


In addition to the above general guidelines for product packaging, you must also follow the particular specifications for approved boxes and packing material.

When it comes to approved standard boxes, you are allowed to use the following:

  • •  200BH (burst strength)
  • •  Regular slotted carton (RSC)
  • •  ECT-32 (edge crush test)
  • •  B flute

When it comes to approved packing materials, you are allowed to use the following:

  • •  Full sheets of paper (such as heavy-weight kraft paper)
  • •  Bubble wrap
  • •  Foam sheets or cushioning
  • •  Air pillows 
A box with foam chips on the top of it
Credit: Envato Elements/ AZ-BLT

Restricted Packaging Materials


While using the above packaging supplies is permitted by Amazon FBA, the following are not:

  • •  Shredded paper
  • •  Crinkle wrap
  • •  Foam strips
  • •  Thermocol chips
  • •  Styrofoam
  • •  Any type of packing peanuts

Box Dimensions


When packing your products for Amazon FBA, be sure to follow the box measurements:

  • •  Regular boxes packaged for FBA shipping with common items  
  •     should not have sides longer than 18 inches.
  • •  The median side should not be less than 14 inches.
  • •  The shortest side should not be less than 8 inches long.

Weight of the Box


In addition to box dimensions, the weight of the box is equally as important. The following points apply to all boxes shipped to Amazon’s fulfillment centers:

  • •  The weight of the box should not exceed 50 pounds.
  • •  Boxes containing jewelry and watches should not be heavier than 
  •    40 pounds.
  • •  If the weight of the product is more than 50 pounds, the 
  •     “Team Lift” label must be attached to both sides of the box.
  • •  For products weighing more than 100 pounds, the “Mechanical  
  •    Lift” sticker must be attached to either side of the box.
A person putting some items into a box
Credit: Envato Elements/ JulieAlexK
Some rolls of cling film and boxes packed neatly
Credit: Envato Elements/ duallogic

Where Can You Find Packaging Materials for Amazon?


Because Amazon’s packaging requirements are so demanding, sellers should make sure they are buying packing materials that meet the FBA requirements.


Sellers can buy packaging materials directly from Amazon, including poly bags, boxes, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, and other items. Sellers can also acquire free supplies from UPS, FedEx, and USPS to send products to FBA, but they must use the businesses’ prescribed rates to ship the products.

Labeling Requirements for Amazon FBA


Along with the criteria for packing, Amazon sellers must follow labeling guidelines. If Amazon finds that your labels are inaccurate, they may alter them, costing you money and delaying your fulfillment.



The following points should be considered:

  • •  The product title must be the same as the product label.
  • •  The label should have no more than 50 characters.
  • •  The first letter of each word should be capitalized. Refrain from  
  •     using all caps.
A box with a label on the rolling trolly
Credit: Envato Elements/ Mint_Images
  • •  Measurements should be written down in numbers.
  • •  Special characters and symbols are not permitted.
  • •  Promotional and attention-grabbing titles are not permitted.
  • •  Unless your products are private labels, your seller name for brand or manufacturer information should not be included.
  • •  When shipping multiple case packs, apply the shipping label to the primary carton and cover old shipping labels.



It’s imperative to complete each and every Amazon FBA packaging requirement, even if it costs money. Careless packaging increases the likelihood of fulfillment centers sending your products back. Furthermore, it raises the risk of product damage while being delivered to customers. This can harm your relationship with Amazon and lower your customer rating.

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