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Amazon Marketplace Trends: What’s New in 2024?

Amazon Trends

In this constantly evolving and changing business landscape, have you ever wondered how Amazon sellers stay on top of their game? Well, the top sellers know the vitality of keeping up with the market trends and adjusting their strategies to meet the demand efficiently. 


In this article, we will explore the Top 5 Amazon Trends in 2024 to give you insights and tips on how to grow your Amazon Store. So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

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Amazon Statistics 


Before diving into the world of Amazon trends, let’s briefly overview some useful Amazon statistics for 2024. 


1) Amazon generated a total number of sales of over 143 billion U.S. dollars in the first quarter of 2024, according to Statista


2) Amazon Prime currently has over 200 million members


3) Amazon stock year over year grew by 40% as of June 2024. Forecasts suggest a share reaching $230 in 2025. 



It is also worth mentioning that some products and certain categories on Amazon are far more trending than others. So, if you aim to grow your sales and revenue, let’s break down the trending categories. 


When talking about trending product categories, it is worth considering these statistics. Around 30% of Amazon Prime members in the United States purchased home goods on Prime Day back in 2023. While 24% of Amazon Prime users purchased apparel and shoes. 


So, according to the current predictions, emerging and growing product categories on Amazon for 2024 will remain home goods, apparel & accessories. Also, the lineup will join health & personal care, electronics, and office supplies & equipment. 


The popularity of health and personal care items is growing with the merging mindset of treating oneself to little luxuries. The popularity of electronics grows with the increased need to stay connected and ease life. Finally, the other categories, such as office suppliers or home goods, offer a diversity of products at affordable prices for users, which retains high demand among consumers.





Finally, it is time to delve into the world of emerging Amazon trends. Following trends will not only help you grow your store but also efficiently meet the demand, building long-term customer loyalty. 


Being aware of the current trends allows you to tap into the reality of the market and incorporate efficient expansion strategies. So, let’s discover the top trends right away. 



Another emerging trend on Amazon, which the retailing platform actively supports, is global expansion. With the introduction of the Amazon Global Selling program, sellers are encouraged to expand their horizons and reach global markets. The program offers expansion opportunities in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 


Cross-border selling will indeed gain more popularity among sellers in 2024, and with the emerging trend, Amazon will likely introduce more tools to ease the process. 


Trend #2 – Reputation Management 


Mainly done through careful assessment and management of customer reviews, brand reputation management remains one of the top priorities for Amazon sellers. In fact, in this era of high competition, sellers are increasingly investing more time and resources in reputation and review management. 


First of all, when it comes to review management, keep in mind that Amazon currently uses generative AI to summarize customer product reviews. So, make sure the majority of the reviews are positive and detailed. Incorporate review management strategies that will help you efficiently manage negative reviews and turn unsatisfied customers into satisfied clients. 


Also, manage your reputation outside of Amazon on third-party tools and platforms, including social media. Build partnerships and collaborations with influencers to promote your products in the best light with an accent on the quality and sustainability of the brand’s offerings. 


Trend #3 – Personalized Customer Experience 


Brands that use customer data to offer personalized shopping experiences will stay on top. With the acceleration of this trend, the usage of Amazon tools such as Amazon Live, posts, and strategic partnerships with creators substantially increases. 


All these tools and collaborations will allow you, as a seller, to grow closer to your audience, building long-term customer loyalty. The main aim is to gather necessary insights to improve customer experiences, thus increasing satisfaction rates. 


Trend #4 – Sustainability of Products 


If before, products made of sustainably sourced materials had an advantage over more dangerous ones, yet it wasn’t the main factor affecting customer purchase decisions, the current trend on sustainability will largely shift this aspect. 


Now, the product’s sustainability is one of the top factors affecting customer purchase decisions. Also, sustainable products with appropriate certifications, such as Climate Pledge Friendly Certification, will be prioritized by Amazon’s algorithms in 2024. 


So, incorporate eco-friendly packaging and other sustainable practices to be prioritized by the Amazon algorithm, increase chances of receiving the Buy Box, and get more organic traffic. 


A good example of a growing brand that incorporates sustainability practices is prAna. Due to the eco-conscious approach, many customers prefer the brand’s activewear clothing over other brands. 


Trend #5 – Social Commerce 


Finally, when discussing emerging trends, we cannot ignore the role of social commerce in Amazon Store expansion and growth. 


Amazon’s announcement of its partnership with Meta is a huge example of this trend’s emergence. This partnership allows users to make purchases on Amazon without leaving their Facebook or Instagram apps. So, you can use these platforms to promote your Amazon offerings. 


Another emerging social media platform that can improve brand awareness and increase sales is TikTok. TikTok has whole video categories and hashtags dedicated to Amazon, such as #amazonfinds. There are currently over 3 million videos using the #amazonfinds hashtag. So, make sure to promote your products on TikTok and incorporate the necessary hashtags. 



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