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Effective Amazon Pricing Strategies for Competitive Advantage

Effective Pricing Strategies

One of the main goals of Amazon sellers is to increase sales volume and generate more revenue. However, sellers face lots of challenges, such as competition. 


That’s why you need a good pricing strategy to increase sales in a competitive market like Amazon. In this article, we will explore everything regarding Amazon’s pricing strategies and why it’s important to follow best practices. So, if you are ready, let’s start! 

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Why is a good pricing strategy important for Amazon? 


A good pricing strategy is vital for Amazon sellers because the marketplace is quite competitive. 


For instance, a good pricing strategy will allow you to gain an advantage over competitors and increase your chances of winning the “Buy Box.” With the Buy Box, your customers will be able to immediately purchase the product instead of adding it to the basket and then proceeding with the purchase. This will improve your conversion rates and lead to higher revenue streams. 


Besides increasing the chances of gaining the “buy box”, a good pricing strategy is also important to gain a competitive advantage. Amazon is a marketplace where customers are looking for the best deals and lowest prices. Thus, ensuring your pricing strategy reflects current market trends and demands and is better than your competitors’ prices is vital.


What is Amazon’s Pricing Model? 


Amazon has a dynamic pricing model. This model is also known as repricing. For instance, Amazon uses cookies to track user behavior and adjust product prices based on it. Besides price adjustments based on user behavior, Amazon also changes prices based on market trends as well as demand and supply changes.  


Note that this pricing strategy is strictly applied to Amazon’s products. Amazon does not change third-party product prices. So, the prices you set as a seller will remain the same unless you decide to adjust them. 


However, as a seller, you can learn a lot from Amazon’s pricing model and incorporate it into your strategies to increase sales and stay competitive.


Best Practices for Product Pricing


Best Practices for Amazon Product Pricing 


To increase sales and drive more profits to your Amazon store, you can use several Amazon pricing strategies and practices. So, let’s review the most efficient ones. 


Analyze Competitor’s Prices 


In order to price your products at the best rates, you must be well aware of your competitor’s prices. Simply search the items you sell on the marketplace and analyze your competition. Pay close attention to the highest and lowest prices. 


Besides looking at the prices, you should also look at the reviews and ratings of the products. Maybe a product priced slightly higher has more sales due to better ratings and higher customer satisfaction. 


You must take into account all the nuances when it comes to pricing in order to come up with an efficient strategy. 


A/B Test Different Prices 


When it comes to product pricing, you cannot simply pick one price and stick to it throughout the years. Many factors constantly affect and change the market, meaning that you must always be flexible and adjust accordingly. 


When it comes to pricing strategy, a good tactic to use is to do A/B testing of the prices. Try selling the same product for $X amount for a few weeks, then change the price to $Y. Make sure to track the metrics, such as sales volumes, to understand which one performs better over the same period of time. 


Use Marketing Pricing


Using marketing pricing is one of the most efficient ways to trigger purchase behavior. Essentially, if your product costs $13, then simply price it at $12.99. It will automatically be associated with the lower number of $12 and increase your chances of making a sale. 


This pricing strategy psychologically affects potential customers. Especially, if your competitors price the same product at $13 or more, you will have more chances to win.


Set a Free Shipping Minimum 


Free shipping is a huge motivating factor that triggers purchase behavior. However, it is only available to Prime users. For other users, there is a minimum fee to cross to be eligible for free shipping. 


So, if your item costs $34, then users will need to pay an additional $6 to get it shipped. But, if you price it at $35, then customers will be eligible for free shipping. Amazon will also display the “free shipping” button next to your product, increasing conversion rates. 


This is a good pricing tactic to increase prices while ensuring high conversion rates. 


Provide Discounts 


Another tactic that will help you get more clients is to provide discounts and coupons. Customers love good deals, and it often triggers impulsive purchases. 


For instance, the customer may still have the item, such as soap, at home but comes across a good deal that will be available only for a few days. This triggers the fear of missing out, and even though there is soap at home, the customer will most likely purchase more. 


How do you change the price in Seller Central? 


Finally, let’s briefly overview how you can adjust your product pricing in Seller Central


First of all, navigate to your “Seller Central” account and click on the Manage Inventory tab. Your inventory list will show up, and you can skim through it and find the items for which you want to adjust the prices. 


After identifying the item, click on it and edit the price. Do not forget to click on save after the adjustments are made. 


Optimize Your Amazon Pricing and Increase Your Sales 


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