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    What’s Next?

    Notice Something Different?

    We do! After working for several years as prominent FBA sellers and managers, AdvantiQs has become a leading FBA aggregator. To embrace this paradigm shift, we’ve decided that it’s time to rebrand.


    We’ve simplified our name, updated our logo, and rolled out a new website to serve you better. As of 2nd February 2022, AdvantiQs is now Enso Brands. This is a crucial turning point in our path, giving us the chance to reflect on everything the original company built and everything we aim to be as we move forward into the future. 


    In Zen, an Enso is a hand-drawn circular form that symbolizes enlightenment, strength, and elegance. These traits are valued by not just by Enso’s executive team, but by every one of the company’s employees. The Enso’s circle is incomplete, representing the beauty of imperfection as well as the ability to continually strive for growth and improvement. 

    As a company that evolved from Amazon sellers to FBA account managers to consultants and eventually to FBA aggregators, we are familiar with the innate juxtaposition of growth and incompleteness, and we embrace the fact that there’s always more to do. We are always looking for “What’s Next?”, asking the hard questions that other aggregators brush aside, and finding answers that fall on a growth trajectory.


    Our Journey So Far

    Enso’s journey began with a vision when Natan Warter recognized an opportunity in Amazon, which led him to start a successful FBA brand. He predicted that others would soon recognize Amazon’s potential and he saw the advantage of forming an Amazon management agency where his experienced and knowledgeable team could help newer sellers build successful and profitable Amazon businesses.


    Enso Brands is now a leading next-generation eCommerce aggregator that has grown tremendously since its inception in 2019. We have acquired multiple growing eCommerce brands and enhanced their value with our unrivaled management expertise. 


    Today, we’re bigger and better than ever – our Enso Brands family is made up of highly trained and talented professionals who are dedicated to providing Amazon business owners with the best possible service. With years of experience managing and running FBA enterprises, our team has a unique perspective that no other aggregator has which results in success that no other aggregator can achieve.


    Our new tagline ‘What’s Next?’ encapsulates our vision. It represents constant growth and excitement while creating feelings of curiosity and intrigue. It asks a question with many answers – and it encompasses all aspects of the industry. ‘What’s Next?’ is a very different approach; we’re starting a dialogue on behalf of the eCommerce industry and everyone else in the aggregation space.

    The People Who Got Us Here

    ● Our employees, including business management, marketing, design, and technical experts, all of whom have helped the company excel as management consultants in scaling other brands.


    ● Our investors, for believing in our vision, from conception to today. For sharing our enthusiasm and providing resources to help us achieve success. 


    ● Our clients, for allowing us to help grow your companies, which not only gave us tremendous joy, but also incomparable opportunities we couldn’t have had elsewhere. Our knowledge of the eCommerce space and the limitless niches that exist would not be the same without you. It was hard to say goodbye!


    ● Our sellers, for entrusting us with their brands, their babies. Having built brands of our own, we know the hard work and sacrifice it took for you to create a business from scratch, and we are grateful you trusted us to help grow your brand.



    What’s Next for Enso Brands?

    Enso Brands is constantly evolving and learning; we began as sellers, then moved into management, and now we are an aggregator. There’s always something fresh to look forward to when you’re a startup business.

    Our rebranding is just the first of many moves we want to make in the future. Enso is continuously on the lookout for new firms to buy, and we’re always planning our next venture. While Enso’s primary focus will be on brand acquisitions, we’re also developing a self-service learning center for entrepreneurs that aren’t looking to sell but are looking for guidance and know-how that will help them take their company to the next level.

    What’s Next for (You) the Seller?

    If you’re only seeking an exit, we’d be pleased to assist you (we have the funds!) – and if you’re searching for your next venture, we can provide guidance and advice based on our extensive industry knowledge.

    What’s Next for (You) the Investor?

    If you’re interested in learning more about Enso Brands and our unique position in eCommerce aggregation, please contact us; we’re always excited to offer insight and information into our company and the aggregation industry.

    What’s Next for eCommerce Aggregation?

    WE ARE.